06 June, 2009

Outdoor Sprucing Up

I rent an apartment with a little balcony and I was thinking of ways to spruce it up. Its summertime and I want to spend more time outside (if it ever stops raining), however the landlord's barking dog and the noisy traffic that runs right outside is discouraging me from getting into the Crafty Habit. I'm thinking of simple seating, lighting, a few flowers and a makeshift canopy. I'm just so skepticle because when I breathe too loud the dog starts barking!!! She used to be my friend until I stopped her from pooping on my balcony. Anyways, I was looking for some inspiration and wanted to share them with you all. Have you done an outdoor project and want to share? Send them to me!

All the above images were taken from http://www.marthasteweart.com/

More lighting ideas you can purchase from worldmarket. I actually bought some really nice orchid string lights when I used to dorm on campus. Peep it hanging on my bed in my apt when I first moved in ;)

All Images of string lights above (except my orchid lights) acquired from www.worldmarket.com

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