10 August, 2009

I wrote this poem a while back and wanted ot share it with you this lovely Monday morning. I hope you enjoy it :)


These moments shall take you by surprise
These moments will change life, love, soul, forever.
They will surround your being,
Take it for a ride:
Soaring, gliding, floating, wandering into oblivion.

These moments shall create rhythm,
Grooving and jiving,
Twisting and twirling.
These moments shall be
All you've hoped for, dreamed of,

They will build a solid foundation;
brick by brick.
Encamping around your spirit.
Creating illusions one by one

Whimsical creatures scurrying through
the Forest; lush and green.
The rustling of maple leaves- your ears believe ;
The warmth of burning ember- you body’s desire;
Honey-coated snowflakes
Lavender and lilies- fragrant ever sweet.

These moments will take you by supprise
They will snatch you up like a thief in the night.
These moments will change life, love, soul, forever.
These moments shall be.

© Krystle DeSantos
16 May, 2006.
(Image from Arianne Persaud)

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