16 November, 2009

Fashion Collage

I wanted to put together a fashion collage using this dress I saw online at forever21. I really like it, even though I know it would probably fit me as a top, if it fits at all (its hit or miss with their stuff for me). I proceeded to take my mini challenge to a next level and only use items from F21 in the collage. Take a look at what I came up with!
Here is a list of everything in the collage:
  • Gauze Embossed Metallic Wallet
    $9.50 (I wanted a bigger clutch purse to add a pop of color and this was the closest thing I could find online right now)

Stack these braclets up

The total came out to be $93.10 Now I know you have most of what is on this list so mix what you have, save $$$ and just get the dress !


  1. Just checking out your blog a little more after finding your scarf tute on One Pretty Thing. This is cute.

    And (shameless self promotion time) if you like fashion/collages, maybe you'd like to join our fashion meme? You can see today's at - http://obstinatepursuit.blogspot.com/2009/11/all-that-is-gold-fashion-forward.html

    I'll still like if it's not your kind of thing :)

  2. Hi Clair (interesting way to spell your name...I like it!) Thanks for visiting my blog. I took a look at your blog and absolutely love it (I should probably post this to you blog directly). I think your fashion forward is wonderful. I am definitely going to join and will post a link in the near future. Thanks for the information!


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