30 November, 2009

Fashion Forward: Robin's Blue Charm

Robin's Blue Charm

I wanted to feature items from Modcloth after I fell in love with the top and the coat!
Fashion Forward with Obstinate Pursuit is fun because it allows me the chance to put together outfits minus the $$$. I may be living vicariously through it but I love it.
Oh fashion forward how I love thee.

Robin's Blue Charm by kdstyle on Polyvore.com


  1. Oh wow! Krystle! I just love the romantic, rainy, walk in the park feel of this outfit and that pendant is just delicious. Thanks so much for joining in again this week x

  2. oh it's absolutely beautiful. All of it! Love the sillouette of the black top.


  3. Oh my goodness, I really love all of this! That coat is just beautiful!

  4. Love the jewelry! That coat is pretty nice, too. :)
    Great post.


  5. I love this collection - the coat, the top, the necklace, the bag. I love it all. Modcloth has some pretty great stuff. Nice to "meet" you thru Fashion Forward.

  6. Thanks for all the love on the Fashion Forward and like Cindy said nice "to meet" everyone :) See you next Monday!


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