21 September, 2009


I moved off campus about a year ago into a studio (my very first apartment) and the only place where my bed could fit in the studio was a corner that had windows on both sides. I like the windows behind the head of my bed but the side windows weren’t maintaining my privacy. Also the view of my landlady’s 3 year old son escaping out of the house in his birthday suit to jump on their trampoline wasn’t exactly the first thing I wanted to see in the morning! I didn’t want to put up more curtains (I hung curtains behind the bed) and I also wanted to use the ledge as a display. With a couple of hours to contemplate I figured why not turn the windows into "art"…and so I did.

•Window Cleaner
•Project Board
•Cutting blade
•Ruler/ measuring tape
•Acrylic paint (not glass paint unless you want a permanent look and you own the place!)
•Creative design
•Plain or patterned paper


1.Clean the window thoroughly.

2.Measure the dimensions of the window, you have to open the window and measure the inside to be accurate .

3.Cut project board to match the measurements. I would suggest cutting off a little of the board at a time and testing the fit to avoid any gaps. This serves to block out any intruding eyes.

4.Glue plain or patterned paper to the brown cardboard side of the board that will face the outside. Let dry.

5.Fit project board into slot between screen and window. Close window.

6.Next, with a creative design in mind, mix up your acrylic paints and paint onto the glass. I chose a border inspired by my bedding (from Ikea) and repeated the pattern across the top of the window and did a free hand design down the sides. I also placed a piece of tulle fabric in front of the posterboard to give it a bit of texture. You can even use chalk to draw you design onto the glass before painting.

7.Let the paint dry and decorate your ledge.

8.Remember a little soapy water on the window will loosen up the paint. A credit card can also be used to scrape the paint off once it is loosened. No hassle to remove when you move ;)

Sorry about the picture quality. I took them with my older camera.

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