18 January, 2010

{Fashion Forward} If I Wore Shorts...and If It Was Spring!

I am still wishing it was Spring and even more I'm wishing I wore shorts...that short!!! Hahahaha, I don't think so. My hind parts/bootay is just too large (in a good way) to wear shorty short shorts and be approprriate. I mean what would my Grandma
[who thinks you should wear a girdle at all times] say?


  1. sparkly shoes...need them!

  2. I'm with you on the shorts. But I do love some sparkly shoes! And I too really want spring to appear.

  3. If I wore shorts, I would so wear that outfit. Having said that, I might jjust add a pair of really thick tights and wear it anyway, although with longer, uh, shorts. especially love the shoes!

  4. Cute set. :) Those shoes are lovely.


  5. Well, I don't wear shorts either! At least that short :) But if I did I'd easily pick up the lovely outfit you chose - I especially love the cardigan!


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