14 January, 2010


Happy Birthday to Me!
When I was four and a quarter, my father who I call (and spell) Dadda took me over to the baker's house and she asked me what kind of cake I wanted. Without any doubt I immidiately said a doll cake. I think every girl wanted a doll cake, well almost every girl :) I remember the baker giving me twizzlers pull and peel while I was there and I was sooooo excited (it was my first time eating that candy). Needless to say that I really don't like the candy but I am still fond of the pull and peel version just for the fun of it (big kid in me). Anyway back to the cake. When I saw the cake I was sooooooo happy, the doll had little silver beads (the edible kind) on her dress and It was the most beautiful cake I had ever seen in the 5 years of my little life :)
The photographer came over and my Mom got me dressed, it was my first photoshoot 18 years ago =)
Thank God for another year!

Update: Here are some more pics I found of my 5th Birthday.Memories are such wonderful things! I hope I'm not overwhelming you with too many of my childhood pics.


  1. That is such a happy story and what a great photo! I always wanted one of those doll cakes. Lucky little girl! Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Hope that you have a wonderful birthday! The pics and the story is priceless.

  3. Thank you all so much for the wishes and I am glad you like my story :)

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  5. I've been such a bad blog reader this week - so busy. Sorry to have missed your birthday sweetie. Did you have a good day? x

  6. By the way, that last photograph is just beautiful!


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