01 February, 2010

{Fashion Forward} Bohemian by Day and Night

I wanted to go for a very modern bohemian look inspired by my mood board posted here. I combined two looks on the FF collage. I really like the color combinations and these are outfits I would love to wear. Does anyone care to buy me both? Hahaha. I hope you like ;) Also check out my giveaway that will post today as well :p
Bohemian by Day and Night
Fashion Forward is over at PaperPocket this month. So go check out all the other fabulous posts :)


  1. Love the color combinations and what a sparkly jacket!

  2. I also love those colors and the accessories that you choose!
    Would love to wear those indian sandals :)

  3. ooo those cargo pants look really awesome as a parred down version of harem pants.

    And dear lord, please let me have a sparkly jacket. Please let me have a sparkly jacket... do I need to say it one more time?!



  4. i love bangle bracelets...great picks!

  5. I'm a huge fan of cargos, especially when paired with something more formal. Like that GLORIOUS jacket. Yes please.

  6. Oooooh! These are outfits that I would wear as well! I like the term modern bohemian. It sums this up this beautiful collection perfectly!

  7. Oh Gosh! Love it all! And though I would love to buy both of these outfits (for you, of course) I unfortunately have to live vicariously through my blog posts too :)

    Sorry not to have made it over here yesterday. Was out all day and home later than expected x


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