03 February, 2010

Interior Design with Polyvore

After the death of design my room, I was deeply saddened. Then recently I found mydeco, but the renderings were not good and so it was becoming annoying to work with (the moodboards work well though). So after creating another fashion forward post for this week on polyvore I started to play around with interior design options and fell in love. I think polyvore is my new best friend. I just had a lot of fun :) Take a look for yourself. The stools in the living room would not be fully white, I just used what was in polyvore for the while.


  1. Not another Polyvore enthusiast! I'm avoiding it because I know once I really embrace it, I'll be an addict...but it's getting harder and harder to say no!

  2. Haha Courtney it is addictive! I go on to make one collage and end up with about five ;) But it is so much fun.

  3. Another convert to the cult of Polyvore. It's just so versatile, isn't it? We'll get Courtney in the end, you know?

    *Insert Bad Guy Laughter Here*


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