29 March, 2010

{Fashion Foward} Farewell :(

Today is the final run of Fashion Foward and I will miss it very much. It was so much fun participating over the past months and I am so happy that Clair reached out to me and invited me to play along in the beginning. I will miss all the wonderful ladies and their posts that cheered me so on Mondays. It was a wonderful experience! I hope you enjoy my final Fashion Forward. Check out all the others (sniff sniff) here.

I would come like this by day...

Liberated Fun!

and to transition into the evening I would change into this...

Farewell FF

with a striped heart lolipop for everyone! Farewell FF!!!


  1. :) your picks make me smile!

  2. Well, it's the last Fashion Forward, but we'll surely keep in touch :)

    Your outfits are so cute... sweet and fresh! And of course I wouldn't mind having the lovely lollipop... ehehe

  3. Ooh, now I definitely love the cool and casual day combo for a Fashion Forward Tea Party in the Park. And the evening combo looks perfect for a few cheeky mojitos. Yum.

    Thanks so much for joining in. We will definitely be staying in touch x

  4. That jacket in the second collection is fierce! I love both of these outfits. They're so colorful and evocative of the perfect spring day.

  5. I might knock you off your bike and run off with it. Just kidding. Great outfits and I love how you added the details like the landscape and lollipop. Happy Monday!

  6. love the sweet and fresh day look and the evening looks so much fun x

  7. Awww look at the little sad face :( Your sets are so awesome and well put together. Loving those ferocious pink heels!



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