10 May, 2010

What I've Been Up To

I will be taking finals, graduating, moving and starting my temp job in two weeks. Did I mention I only have two weeks to do it?!!!! Heheeehee (nervous laugh!) How have you all been? I miss blogging and doing crafts so much, but I am settling with the idea that I won't be doing any projects until after I move and get situated. I don't want to waste any materials, since I know once moved I will have a lot of projects coming out. BUT, you just have to give me some time :) I also have a new jewelry collection (one I wanted to do since I opened my shop) coming out, hopefully by mid summer. I have a little sketch book of designs, I've been doing for almost two years now and will use them as my inspiration, since I never really stick to my sketched design.
 Ooooh, before I forget!!! Here is a fictional film I made for my class. (I'm still working on finishing that documentary film I mentioned some time back, I did a rough draft for class deadline purposes, but I am still trying to compile it).

                                                    Here is Little Red Woman Hood

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on the film! I love the music you used and how it feels like a silent film, with small modern details. Last scene is awesome! Good luck with finals and the move.


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