04 August, 2010

{ 2011 } I can't wait Ikea!

I was browsing Unplugged when I came across a sneak peak of Ikea's 2011 products!
Who's excited???? I know I am!!!!!!! I'm a huge Ikea fan, why you ask???

1) because I'm frugal
2) I'm not rich (I just left college), so major loans to repay
3) I love good design for a good price and Ikea suits my needs.
4) Love their designs, period.

I really think you can find lots of good pieces there that look good and serve it's purpose. I think mixing and matching Ikea pieces with more expensive pieces is a good way to go. I was going to check out Ikea's stuff and pick up a few things for the new place, but now I think I will wait another 6 months for some of the new items :)

Check out the video below, in case you missed it.

UPDATE! I wrote this post over a week ago and since then IKEA has launched the new catalog. I looked at the online version and I am still waiting for my hard copy to come in the mail. I will wait until I get the copy in the mail to let you know how I feel about it (I rushed while looking at the online copy). Click here to see the 2011 catalog and then come back and tell me what you think.

1 comment:

  1. i have never been to an Ikea but it looks like a way cool place. I always love everything I see from there.


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