07 May, 2011

{ Hello! } Is any one out there?

Hi all! Thanks for visiting my blog. As you all may or may not (I'm guessing the later is true) know I've been MIA for quite some time. After graduating college I wanted to find a job immediately and set out to do so. The economy was (still is) in not such great shape and often times I would get disappointed by the lack of responses both to my applications and interviews. However I knew I had to press on and trust God and my hard work along with faith paid off! I started my first full-time job during the Fall at Apartment Therapy (please I'm not trying to show off...well maybe a teeny bit).  It was such an exciting time for me and still is :)

With my new non-college status and new job came lot's of new responsibilities. I've been pretty responsible during college, paying all my bills etc. but post college those responsibilities just become more intense and so I had to learn how to balance every aspect of my life and truth be told I am still in the learning process. As I approach my one year mark out of college I have alot to be thankful for and happy about but sometimes I do feel sad, stressed even that I have not been blogging for almost one year. This really means that I haven't been doing much projects either. In addition to blogging, I have not updated my etsy shop with jewelry and so I have my moments where I feel like will I ever return to doing the little things that I love.

See, when I started this blog almost 2 years ago I  needed (not wanted, needed) a creative outlet and Crafty Habit became that outlet, one which I truly still need. So, I will try to start crafting, decorating and blogging again but this time I want to cultivate my skills further. Fine tune them to reflect a more mature yet fun me.

I do hope that you continue to join me in my Crafty Habit <3

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