08 June, 2011

{ Love Like Love } Elephants + Peonies

 I'm a little elephant short and blue, here is my handle and here is my trunk!

Okay I'm a bit of a cheese ball but this little guy arrived about 2 weeks ago at my front door. When
Target launched the Calypso St. Barth collection I woke up early the morning, whipped out my card and frantically ordered this guy in addition to the main thing I really wanted to get (guess what?). I felt like my other Elephant teapot needed the company as well.  However, I didn't get this guy for the sole purpose of tea drinking. I don't drink tea that often in the summer time and would hate to keep this little (actually, he's a pretty decent size) guy locked away in the cupboard. My light-bulb went off and I knew he'd make a wonderful vase and without a doubt fill him with beautiful pink Peonies or any other pink flower. 
Love   Like 

I wrote this post a week ago and had it scheduled to go up today and then last night I was in the supermarket, saw some flowers for $4.69 a bunch and gave in. Here is my G2 android snapshot using an app to give what they call a 70's look?? I wasn't around in the 70's so as Leonardo DiCaprio said in Catch Me If You Can, "Do you concur?"

p.s This is a sneak peek of my craft/guest room :)

Love xoxo

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