05 August, 2012


Last weekend I baked lots of cupcakes and brownies (for my friend's baby shower) with a little help from Trader Joe's and my local supermarket. I was also in charge of the decorations for the shower and store bought mixes really helped to simplify things. Ain't no shame in my game. Below are Instagram shots of the baking process as well as tips on making box cake and brownie mixes taste better. 


Use melted butter instead of oil in the cake mix
Add coconut milk instead of water to white, vanilla or yellow cake mix.
Use coffee instead of water in brownies
Add walnuts to brownie mix
Pipe lemon curd into cupcakes

I ran out of TJ's frosting mix and didn't have much confectioner's sugar to make a batch from scratch.   I found a tub of pre-made frosting in my cupboard and while I'm not a fan of the taste or consitency but when life gives you lemons, one must make lemonade right? I scooped out about a half of the "cream cheese" flavored frosting, mixed it with about 1 cup confectioner's sugar (all I had left) and about 2 tablespoons cream cheese. This gave me enough to frost the remaining cupcakes and didn't taste terrible at all. Not too shabby of a trick if I may say so myself.

Let me know if you use any of these tips/tricks or if you have your own tips to share. More pictures of the shower to come soon :)

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