23 December, 2012


 Window boxes (mine are from IKEA)
 Christmas tree branches (I got mine out of the scrap pile at Lowe's for free)
 Wet florist foam
 Small rocks
 Plastic for protecting work area
 Decorative branches 
 Decorative ribbon

Instructions and pictures after the jump

I started our with my IKEA window boxes and added some glass rocks I had laying around. You can use regular rocks as well. This should help with drainage.

Soak the wet foam in a bucket of water until it no longer floats. Place about two pieces of the foam in your window box.

Cut your branches into smaller pieces if needed. Using your hammer, place the end of the branch on a padded surface (I used an old catalog) and pound the ends to split them. I'm not 100% sure this helps but I'm hoping the split ends will help the branches get enough water therefore allowing my boxes to last longer.

Insert your branches into the wet foam to fill out the boxes. You can eye the arrangement and figure out the general layout and angles at which you should insert the branches.You can stop at this point and use the box as is or you can add decorative branches to your box. I used berry and pine cone branches.

Add a bow to your window box using the ribbon and you're all set for hanging. Mine face the street but for photo purposes I turned it around :) Happy Holidays!

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