23 July, 2009

My Little Chistmas Tree Tutorial

Here is a really quick and easy tutorial on how to make my little Christmas tree. I can't help but to admire it each and every time I look at it. I wasn't able to do pictures for each step since I made this tree last November and didn't plan on doing a tutorial for it (actually I didn't have the blog as yet). I do hope it is still fairly easy to understand . Lets go!

1) Get a trusted BFF or in my case my BF to run to the nearest tree and chop a few branches off when no one is looking.
2) Thank your BFF or BF for risking their life by wandering into the woods with lions, tigers and bears....ok well maybe it was across the street with a few bugs!
3) Clean branches off with damp rag, and trim the branches to size if needed.
4) Spray paint the branches white (about 2 coats) and let the clock tic toc. Be sure to let the first coat dry before applying the second one.
5) After your branches are dry, place into a vase/container with some rocks to prevent toppling.
6) Drape mini lights with white cord around branches and adorn your christmas tree with teeny weeny christmas ornaments.
7)How about hanging sweets and treats on the brances for a child's birthday party ,using it as a necklace stand or hanging beach paraphenelia such as seashells, starfish and tiny sandcastle buckets with battery operated candles inside.

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