07 December, 2009


My neice celebrated her 2nd birthday three weeks ago and I wanted to create something special for her (even though she probably won't remember it). I embellished 3 long sleeve tees and a cute little curdoroy dress. More pics below, hope you like them.

I am thinking about doing a giveaway for a special mommy/aunty/daddy/any person who is realted to a toddler. Could you guys make a suggestion of which style tee you like the best and what size should I make it in for the giveaway (I'm thinking either a 4T or 5T). I will choose the most common answer and create the giveaway! So let me know please ;)

I am also considering putting a few of these as well as my ruffle scarf in my etsy shop for the holidays. What do you think?


  1. My favourite would be the pink one (for myself!) but I don't know any little peeps so I'm useless as far as your other thoughts go! x

  2. :) Thanks Clair! I will def consider doing an adult version giveaway to this in the future!

  3. These are super adorable! I am quite smitten by the green shirt with the ruffle down the front and the white one with the cluster of flowers with the button centers. These would be great in your shop! So cute.

  4. Cindy the green seems to be a hit with everyone (it's my fave of the bunch as well). It might just be the style I will use for the giveaway (Hopefully I get the green Tee again or I will just use another color).

    Thanks Claire with an 'E'


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