07 December, 2009

{Fashion Forward} Style the Stars


Happy Monday!!!

Fashion Forward is over at Paper Pocket with Katherine this month, check it out!

I saw this post on Polyvore's blog and thought why not take a shot at it. It's a Seventeen Magazine - Be a Stylist to the Style Stars competition and all you have to do is create a Polyvore collage for one of the stars. I was not sure which star to pick so when in doubt do multiple :)

I would love it if you guys can tell me which of these is your favorite look and which one you think best suits the star. I will submit the one that has the most picks to the competition. Thanks a bunch!

Moxie Miley

Moxie Miley by kdstyle featuring Forever21

Kinetic Kim

Kinetic Kim by kdstyle featuring Michael Kors bags

Rebel Rihanna

Rebel Rihanna by kdstyle featuring Sass & Bide

Topsy Taylor

Topsy Taylor by kdstyle featuring Anthropologie

Bey Bodacious

Bey Bodacious by kdstyle featuring Oscar de la Renta dresses

Googoo for Gaga

Googoo for Gaga by kdstyle featuring Balmain

Kitten Katy

Kitten Katy by kdstyle featuring D&G blouses


  1. These are great! If I had to pick a favorite it would be Rihanna. I think the outfit really looks like something she would wear. So fun!

  2. This is such a neat post! I love Kinetic Kim the best - so sophisticated. But I could definitely see each of those ladies in the outfits you put together. Well done!

  3. Just to confuse you, I'm going to say that my favourite it the Taylor Swift inspired set. I love the romantic look (but I also think the set looks well balanced too!) They're all really funky though - it's a great way to be inspired :)

    PS. I think Katherine must be having t'internet troubles and you're now all linked up, right? No idea why everyone has a big red cross next to their names today though. It's all going tits up!!!

  4. Love all of these picks!

  5. And to make it even more complicated for you, I liked the Miley one best in terms of layout, but I liked the actual collection best for Lady Gaga

  6. Thank you all for your wonderful comments.

    You guys have made it incredibly difficult for me :) but all in good fun!

    I am awaiting a few more votes from friends and then I will let you know which one was chosen.

    Cindy, my first pick was Rebel Rihanna and Courtney your pick of Kinetic Kim was my second choice.
    I didn't realize it would be this difficult to choose because I like them all as well. I wish I could submit all of them, heheehe :D

    Gemma, I will actually redo the layout of the final one before submitting it. I just wanted to keep it a bit simple for the blog.

    I will definitely post the one I submit!

    Thanks again everyone.

  7. Oh it has to be Taylor! Love her style so much.

    sorry i had issues with blogger today. Fashion Forward will be at mine next week. I'm so annoyed!

    Great picks :D


  8. wow what a fab idea love them all but if I had to pick I think it would be Rihanna, just looks like what I think she would wear.

  9. Kinetic Kim for the win!!! From a male point of view I will say I would love to see Kim in such a clash of elegant style you have put together. Well done Krystle....

  10. I absolutley love the Kinetic Kim ... i envision Kim in this Chic and sophisticated outfit ... way to go Krystle you have the making of a fashionista

    i vote for KIM


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