07 January, 2010

Dressed Up Bookmark Tutorial!

I forgot to mention glue gun.

I spelt fishing wrong below. Yikes!

I think I will start making a few of these now to hang on my branch Christmas tree in my craft area for this year's Christmas :) Why not get a head start!
Here is the sketch of the dress form. I actually turned the pic of my master template into a sketch and then outlined it in paint, hence the non-smoothness of the outline. But you get the point. If you click on this image it will be enlarged to the approximate size of the actual bookmark...I hope :/
Also the pearl necklace does not allow for pages to lie flat, it causes a small bump in between pages.


  1. That is just so freaking cute I can hardly stand it! I think I know what my bff is getting for her birthday!

  2. Very cute! I'm quite fond of them.

  3. This is pretty awesome. I could totally see smaller ones being used as gift tags too - so versatile.

  4. Thanks everyone! I love the idea of using them as gift tags Clair ;)

  5. Thank you for this really cute, cute, cute idea!! And then for all the other ideas that it can be--gift tag, ornament, bookmark!! Wow!!

    Pretty papers, here I come!!!


  6. Hola:
    Muy lindo el marcador de libros super femenino.
    Gracias por compartir.Besos
    Doris Lima-Peru

  7. cok gusel bır bulus ben kıtab okumayı sevdiğim için mutlaka uygulayacağım

  8. I think turkish katia said she likes it and will try it (in Turkish) . I used a translator and it seemed to translate to something like that (I hope), so if turkish katia did say that then

    teşekkür ederim! (Thank you!) :)

  9. Bu çok sevimli.
    Türkçe bir bloğum var.
    Amacı toplumsal dayanışma.


  10. tülin teşekkürler! Ben de blogunuzu ziyaret edecek.


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