11 January, 2010

{Fashion Forward} Spring, Where Art Thou?

I know Sping is no where nearby at this moment but I really can't wait for it to start. It is such a beautiful time of year. Oh Spring, won't you come already?
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  1. This is a pretty stunning collection my friend. How much does that chair rock? Love it! And, yes, I'd like spring to hurry along too :)

  2. oohhh...must get those shoes! Love the color.

  3. I want spring too! Cute outfit, especially those great shoes!

  4. Cute shoes! I second the motion for spring to hurry up. Winter chills have got the better of me. Come on Spring time!!!!


  5. I really can't wait for spring! Those shoes are adorable. Such a great color.

  6. Love the color of those shoes, but I think the chair is my favorite :)
    It's so cold in here and it's raining outside... I would really love Spring to come fast too!

  7. I love that outfit! Not something I wear, but one of those things I could picture one of my personalities wearing. :)



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