26 February, 2010

Dear Bloggers, Etsy sellers/buyers and Lovers of Handmade...PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY PROJECT!


I am taking a class at my university, it's called THR 403-Media: Theory and Criticism. The format of the class is not like most rigid, structured classes and affords you an opportunity to explore topics of your choice. We have to produce a fictional and non-fictional film for the semester in addition to other works. I thought about what topic I would like to do for my non-fictional film, which would be a documentary type film and so I thought about focusing on handmade and the economy.

I made a few assumptions in constructing the thesis of this film. I have to do some research into if these assumptions, but for the time being just roll with me on these:
1) The economic downturn and unemployment has increased handmade production and consumption (I can look at this from various aspects)
2) Consumers steered away from mainstream pricey products and found better value in handmade items.
3)The majority of the handmade producers are women with focus on Etsy and etsy sellers (I may be wrong, and I don't mind if I am)

After making theses assumptions (which I plan to definitely support with research/statistics/opinions of others)
I propose to investigate the mash up of the economy, handmade goods, technology and women. The project’s goal is to produce a documentary film that will look at the way, specific web hosting companies such as Etsy (and Artfire [not sure if I will focus beyond etsy for the time being]) are being used by women (and/or men)  to drive the economy. It will also focus on social networking sites (blogger, facebook, twitter and flickr) that many of these artists use in collaboration with their online shops and how these site may/may not help growth of business while producing a global market and community.  The goal is to understand the roles these platforms play in the future of our economy, and global market (including developing international relationships that may produce cultural growth and awareness) while looking at the future position of women in the socioeconomic sector of society.

There are other aspects that I am thinking of exploring. But for now this is the basis of my research. 
I would love to conduct video interviews with etsy sellers, bloggers, lovers of handmade etc. because I want this to be an opinion  type documentary.  Maybe a few may let me film their creative process, maybe some may send me pictures. I want to visit craft fairs and flea markets etc.  I am open to anything at this point. I  believe in non-traditional ways of learning about what is going on around you and think this may be a good way to do so.

Please tell me what you think of my project proposal and if you would like to be a part of the documentary. 
If you would like to respond, you can do so in the comments section under this post or shoot me an email at craftyhabit@gmail.com.  And please, please, please  feel free to share this with anyone. Thanks so much!



  1. Hi there Krystle,
    you really have a great project in hands!
    I think you're going very well in your approaching, especially when relating economy and handmade production and analysing internet role in handmade world nowadays.
    You should show both seller and customer point of view and illustrate with successful cases, showing how this turned out to be a real alternative way of life for lots of people.

    I won't be able to take part in the documentary, but I surely wish you good luck and happy work!

  2. That sounds like quite the ambitious project!
    Good luck!
    I'm not successful enough at Etsy for you to interview me, though. Maybe contact some of your favorite sellers through Etsy and ask them?

  3. Krystle. It sounds as though you have a very interesting project on your hands and I'm sure you'll find plenty of people willing to help you out. I'd perhaps start with Indie Biz Chicks - it's huge for networking and most people who take part in the courses are etsy/handmade sellers, women and, of course, wonderful. There's quite a presence on Twitter too x


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