27 February, 2010

So Sad :( Lost package...

UPDATE: I AM HAPPY and I'm doing a little dance! Doing a little dance :) My landlady just knocked my door and what did she have for me...my package!!!!! She said she forgot that she had not checked the mailbox. I am very happy that my fabric was only "lost" for a little time :) 

 I was anticipating the arrival of 3 yds of fabric in the mail this week. While at school, I checked tracking and it said that it was delivered on Thursday.Yay!!!! I got home from school really late that night and it was raining, so I assumed my landlady didn't put out the mail because she didn't want to get it ruined. In my excitement I  was tempted to knock on the door but considering that she has 3 children, 2 of which are really small I decided to wait until the morning.

That morning I rushed out of the house to do some laundry and run errands, forgetting to inquire about the package(how I did that is beyond me) but not worrying because I knew it would be there when I got home. When I got in, my landlady's husband said a package came for me and I was elated, but when he came out the box was too big for it to be the piece of fabric. It was actually a fedex delivery of some bubble mailers I ordered. No fabric. I asked if another package had come and he said no. I thought maybe I had looked at the wrong shipping info online so I came upstairs and checked it again. The USPS info said it was priority mail and it was delivered. So I sent the BF to go ask again, hoping someone forgot they took it in, but again no was the response. We looked outside around the house, under the snow,over the snow, between the snow, but no package.

I called USPS  this morning, but the delivery guy isn't in today so they can't give me any info about it. Joanne, the woman I spoke with said I would have to wait until Monday to hear back from them. I am really sad because I fear my package is lost and I won't have my fabric. I really hope it's either a mix up with the post office or maybe my landlady's husband just overlooked it. And no one is home for me to ask to check again. I really, really hope my fabric isn't lost forever. I am so in love with it, so much so that I took the picture of it from the website and made it my desktop background.

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  1. Oh, no! I hope it turns up! But if you see your landlady's children in a dress made out of your fabric I think you should find a new place!


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