22 February, 2010

{Fashion Forward} For the special fellow in your life ;)

I wanted to do an unusual fashion forward today! One not full of flounces and frills. So here goes.
For the Man in your Life!
It's for that special fellow in you life :) I decided to do a non-female fashion forward because for some of us with guy friends *wink wink* we want them to be fashion forward as well! Oh and look he was even sweet enough to bring us a flower :D 
Happy Monday! Check out the other wonderful FF over with Katherine at Paperpocket.


  1. Aw, this is very, very cute! I try really hard to avoid giving Ethan fashion advice because I respect his need to be a guy, and be his own person, yet sometimes I can't help but throw a hint out here and there.

  2. hehhe...great idea! love your picks!

  3. I do agree with you, I think they should be fashion too! Without exaggeration, of course... simple, but stylish :)
    I give my boyfriend some advice when we go shopping ;)
    I like the outfit you picked, especially the shoes, jeans and accessories!

  4. Yay for guy fashion! My Mr tends to throw stuff on at the mo, but secretly he is such a fashion buff. He loves designers! (Not that he can afford them!)

    And what a thoughtful male polyvore set to bring us all flower :)


  5. This is just the kind of thing The Steve would wear - though he'd probably choose long sleeves and roll them up 'hard-worker' style. I just let him be, so it's good to know the FF ladies think this is a good look :)


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