23 February, 2010

Happy Republic Day Guyana!

I don't know if most of you know but I was born in the U.S and I grew up in Guyana. It was such a lovely place to grow up in, so rich in culture and very slow paced. Today we celebrate Mashramani aka Mash and it is an Amerindian ( indigenous) word that means celebration after hard work. It's our big festival (kind of like a carnival) and people parade down the streets, dancing and singing in handmade costumes.
Guyana became a Republic in 1970. There was a song whose lyrics went like this "Mash in Guyana, people going crazy. Moving left to right and shakin' up yuh body!" (Those lyrics are as accurate as my memory...hummmm...) Here are some pictures of Guyana I found on the internet. I have some pictures of mine on my old computer and couldn't access them in time for this post.

First Mashramani Celebration

Other Pictures

Stabroek aka "Big" Market

Snow Cone Vendor

Oh what I wouldn't do for this tamarind flavored snow cone! Yummmmm :)

Here is the first of a series of videos done on Guyana.

I can't remember where I got the images of the market and snow cone from. I had them saved to my desktop. I will do a search again .

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