09 February, 2010

Help Me Find A Dress Pattern Please :)

Hey guys, I would LOVE to sew a replica to this dress. Does anyone know where I could find a similar dress making pattern? I want to start it now in time for Spring/Summer. I am a beginner sewer and would love to invest some time into creating this :) I even found a fabric swatch I may like to use but if you know of a print that looks more like the one on the dress please let me know. I appreciate all your help in advance.
Sidenote: I also did a Fashion Forward with this dress and I will post it next Monday;)

Check the floral fabric choices below as well!

Here are the fabric swatches for consideration. Tell me what you think! They are all from the

Meadowsweet by Sandi Henderson on JCaroline.com.

I am liking the first one especially!


  1. Hmmm, have you looked at apron patterns? It kind of looks like a 50's style apron and there might be a similar style in the apron section of a pattern book. Your fabric choices look great, especially #3! Hope you find it!

  2. It does have that apron kind of look! Thanks for the tip. When I go to Joann's I will definitely look at apron patterns. Thanks for the tip Cindy ;)

  3. I used a pattern with a very similar bodice, you could just add a gathered skirt... it was a 1970's McCalls, I think. Not sure, I will see if I can find it next time I'm at my mom's place!

  4. Thank you! I would really appreciate it ;)

  5. Ok! Try Simplicity 6926, but give it a gathered skirt and make the straps a little shorter so they don't cross in the back.
    Here are a couple for sale:

  6. Thank you so much Suzannah! I really appreciate it ;) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you :)


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