10 February, 2010


Hiii!!! I finally found a DVD to Avi converter to convert this video. I apologize in advance for the watermark in the center, this is the price I have to pay for using a free converter. I am hoping to find one that will convert it without leaving a watermark. A friend of mine (Chao who has Graduated) worked for my school's TV club and I suggested to him, filming a craft show that would teach students how to decorate their dorms! When I was on campus, I enjoyed decorating my dorm and wanted to  share my ideas with others.  I had a whole outline of different projects to do for different episodes and we were even going to do a  best dorm competition.

This was our first shot at filming an episode and it was called "Remake". The objective of the show was to do a craft/decor project in about 10mins. Now I am no Martha Stewart or HGTV star but filming this episode was so much fun (and very time consuming). It took over an hour to shoot a 10 min show :) Every time I look at  the video I can't help but notice  all the funny faces I make, hahahha. We couldn't continue the show due to budget cuts for the club, time conflicts and then my  friend Graduated. Any hooo, I hope you like the only episode of Remake with my many funny faces :)

Special thanks to Chao!

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