16 August, 2010

{ Bedroom Inspiration} Blue, Chocolate and Lattice

I've been thinking about theme for the bedroom in the new apartment and after much contemplation I decided on blue as the main color. It is a very calming color, perfect for the single place where we do a lot of realizing aka sleeping (smile).  I also decided to perhaps add grey, yellow, beige and white in the color palette, simply because I like the color combo :)

I am a big fan of  lattice print fabrics and decided I would use the Waverly Chippendale Fretwork Mineral (which is on sale at Jo-Ann's for $11.99/yard) as an accent print. Isn't it pretty? The walls in the bedroom are very uneven and white so I picked up a gallon of Martha Stewart's Faded Ink interior paint in flat finish to add color and also to minimize the imperfections of the walls (I'm renting, so I don't want to invest time, energy and money scraping and sanding the walls until smooth). In addition to lots of painting I think I will make a headboard with nail trim. I will just have to figure out exactly how to mount it to the bed frame since I can't put it on the walls due to an irregularly placed window. I will cover the entire wall behind the bed with curtains to help the problem of that window sitting there.

Here is my inspiration board for the bedroom.
Images from Anthropologie, Better Homes & Gardens, Brooklyn Limestone, Ikea, Home Depot, Amazon, Jo-Ann
Happy Monday!

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  1. I LOVE the colors and inspiration photos that you chose for your room. I'm also in love with the fabric that you chose. But I see you mentioned that you need to attach the headboard to your bed frame. It's actually really simple. Make sure to measure the holes in your bedframe from the ground up, and mark them on the legs of your headboard. After that, depending on the thickness of the legs, you'll need long screws and nuts to hold the frame to the legs. My Dad and I made mine last year and it came out perfectly! I hope you have fun redecorating!!



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