17 August, 2010

{ I'm a Barbie Girl } In a not so Barbie world

I am somewhat intrigued by this Louboutin Barbie on Netaporter. I am not very fond of her overall botox look but I suppose she can get away with it, after all she is plastic. I just like the fact that the little shoes come in teeny tiny boxes and feed into my childhood obsession with miniature things. When I was growing up my Barbies wore basic plastic shoes with very little detail to them and most of them were pink. I love pink but for crying out loud why did my sister's western Barbie have to have pink cowboy booths??? Wait! These Louboutin boots are pink as well...sigh (I must admit they are kind of cute). I also really like the shoes for the Barbie in the black scuba suit (lol).

I wouldn't actually purchase this doll for full price, but if someone got it as a gift for me I would gladly accept :) I'm having a love-hate relationship with this doll right now. What are your thoughts about Loboutin Barbie? Chick here to see more.

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