26 August, 2010


I was strolling through Barnes & Nobles about two weeks ago when I noticed a book called Eat, Pray Love with a picture of a woman that looked like Julia Roberts on the cover. I turned to my sister and said hey that woman looks like Julia and she said, "Well it's Julia". I like Julia Roberts and wondered about the book and why she was on the cover. I picked up the book flipped it over, and then one of the workers at B&N asked if I needed help. I Immediately placed the book back on the shelf without reading the reviews on the back and asked where the interior decorating section was. I completely forgot about Eat Pray Love. A few weeks later I went to the movies with SW and saw the title on the menu bulletin (or whatever the screen is called). We didn't see it but I became curious about the book. That week, I asked my co-workers if anyone had seen the movie and one co-worker said she had the book and would lend it to me. So here I am 43 pages later, enjoying the read. I really like the title and I refuse to see the movie before I'm finished reading. Have you read the book or seen the movie? What are your thoughts, without telling me what its all about :)

By the way, this is the first book I 'm reading for leisure since graduating college. Seems so much like a treat!

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  1. Great Read, ispirational indeed. She has a life one strives to aim for.Successful, beautiful, definitely has her downs like everyone else in life,divorced, dating someone wild and younger. But she made the decision that every woman should make, in finding and loving themselves. Thats the aspect of the book I truly admire.
    However, how does one like myself find that balance, when I'm not there yet, in terms of accomplishing all my goals or having my own career or being successful. She travelled and experienced the beauty and culture of these countries and enjoyed them in it's element. And that is a very expensive lifestyle.
    How can I find my balance while being on a humble budget?

    xx Trixie

  2. I am reading it right now and so far I really like it. and that's funny i refuse to see the move too until i finish the book lol


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