24 August, 2010

{ Summer } In My Heart

Last night I got my first reminder that Autumn is right around the corner. It seemed so cold in the house and my little white sheet that served me well the night before did not do the trick in keeping me warm. It’s almost the end of August and while I am no fan of the cold I am trying to be optimistic about the four seasons. Alright! I’m trying to be optimistic about Autumn but definitely not Winter. I am not a cold weather person, and I try to be a pleasant as possible but sometimes it just gets to me. The burning cheeks, cold toes and heavy layers that make me feel as if someone is going to make me re-live the scene from “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie falls over into the snow and can’t get up because his bubble coat disabled him. Now before I go off ranting about Winter, I just want us all to take a moment and remember why we love Summer.

Why do you love Summer?

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