04 October, 2010


Good morning beautiful people!!! How've you been?

On Saturday I wandered upon a herbal store in my neighborhood that I'd never seen before. The display windows looked really old and I was expecting to find piles of dust inside with lots of old stuff.

Never judge a book by its cover!

The store is a quaint little place with a kind of rustic feel.  There were many jars of dried herbs, rose buds and spices. Raw wooden shelves were stacked high with teas and wooden barrels were filled with steel cut oats, wheat bran and an assortment of nuts. A vintage commercial refrigerator  was used as a shelving system filled with bottles of apple cider vinegar and it's a shame I didn't take photos.

I got really giddy in this store, like a child in a confectionery shop! I felt like twirling around. I immediately summoned SW to join me while I mused over all the herbs and spices, I said to him, "I never knew this place was here" and he replied rather nonchalantly, "Yeah they've been here for a few years now".
A few years now??? Thanks for telling me buddy!

After all my oohhhs and ahhhhs and finger pointing, I left with a box of Indian Tulsi tea and senna pods.  I wanted to see if the tea tasted like fresh Tulsi tea we made back home and as for those pods,  let's just politely say they clean you out.

I made the tea yesterday morning and sweetened it with a touch of Mr. Honey Bear and added a splash of milk. It passed the taste test and was very much like the fresh tea we made back home, yummmmm. Paired with coconut buns, I felt like I was back in Guyana, except for the chilly fall air that lingered in my kitchen.

P.S. The photo overlays are from Pugly Pixle. XOXOXO
P.S.S I will post the recipe for Coconut Buns later this week :)

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