04 December, 2012


Deck the halls with Christmas Lanterns 
Fa la la la laaa la la la laaa.
Don't burn down your apartment building
Fa la la la laaa la la la laaa. 

It's usually pretty dark in the doorway to my apartment and I'm always fumbling for my keys, not to mention the challenge I face getting the key in the door. I often use my cell phone light to see the keyhole but my phone is always buried in my purse at the end of the day and when I've got to tinkle I just need to get the darn door open (TMI?). I do have a hallway light but it's wired to my neighbor's apartment and when I flip the switch it turns the light in their apartment on as well. They've never complained but sometimes I don't want to startle them, especially late at night so out comes the phone (after some digging around in my purse). The moral of this story? Make a temporary light solution for my rental that's cute, doesn't pose a fire hazard (I hope not) and can be dressed up during my favorite holiday season.

Make it after the jump.

 IKEA BORRBY Lantern (I used the 17.25" H lantern)
 Battery operated block candle (Mine has a programable timer but you can get one with a remote)
 Decorative shelf bracket (I got mine at Lowe's)
 Velvet ribbon bow or any other seasonal decoration 

After you've gathered your supplies, mount the L bracket, program the candle and place inside lantern. Hang lantern and dress up with a bow. Ta-da! 

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